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We pay your moving costs, you pay us back monthly

Make your next move the easiest one yet. Safely Finance pays for your moving costs and you pay us back monthly.

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Loans Up to $10,000
Pay for your moving costs over time.
Fixed Rate
A fixed APR with simple monthly payments.
No Fees
No sign-up, origination, or prepayment fees.

Don't empty your savings.

Safely Finance gives you simple, affordable monthly payments.

Moving expenses add up. We've got you covered. Safely Finance helps you move on your own terms.

  • Security Deposit

  • Application Fees

  • First/Last Month's Rent

  • Broker Fees

  • Move-In Fee

  • Pet Deposit

Safely Finance is a more affordable way to move.

Why Safely Finance

Turn large moving costs into affordable monthly payments.

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Apply in 5 minutes

Start with our simple form to immediately see if you qualify. Checking your offers will not affect your credit score.

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Boost Your Credit

More than a loan, we want to help you on your financial journey. Safely Finance reports your payments to help build your credit.

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No Fees

Waiting for your last security deposit to be returned? No problem. Pay as soon as you have the money and save on interest without fees.

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Checking your offers does not impact
your credit score.

My deposit cost me $3,000 that I could have invested or spent on furnishing my apartment!

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Jessica R.
Miami, Florida

Commonly Asked Questions About Safely Finance

Is Safely Finance a loan?

Safely Finance is a loan for expensive moving costs. Rent is expensive. Security deposits are expensive. Pet deposits are expensive. Broker fees are expensive. Application fees are expensive. Moving costs add up. With Safely Finance, you can pay over time instead of in a lump sum. Safely Finance loans have fixed rates and a consistent payment. You always know how much you need to pay and for how long.

Will checking if I qualify impact my credit score?

Checking if you qualify for Safely Finance does not impact your credit score. Safely Finance does a “soft” inquiry to check if you qualify. After checking if you qualify, you have the opportunity to view your rate options before deciding whether or not you would like to continue with the loan application.

Can I move into my new residence before paying off my loan?

Absolutely! Safely Finance is not your landlord or property manager. Safely Finance covers your moving costs, but your landlord or property manager oversees your rental agreement and move-in date. With Safely Finance, you can move into your new residence, home, or rental without worrying about the moving costs.

How much can I borrow?

Safely Finance offers loans up to $10,000. Safely Finance loans are designed specifically for the financial needs of renters: affordable fixed payments, no fees, and low rates.

How quickly will my loan be funded?

Safely Finance works with you to find the fastest way to fund your loan. Once approved, most borrowers can expect to receive loan funds within a few business days. Funding time may vary based on the accuracy and timeliness of the application information you share.

What are the benefits of Safely Finance over a traditional loan?

Safely Finance loans are specifically designed for the financial needs of renters. Moving is expensive and time-consuming. Safely Finance understands the stress of moving because our team happens to be all life-long renters. Other lenders offer generic products and may not understand your needs the same way.

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