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Can rent payments help my credit score?


Yes, rent payments can help your credit score. Paying rent on time shows that you are financially responsible! Sharing this information with credit bureaus helps build your credit score and credit history.

A good credit score shows that you are reliable. When you owe someone money, that person wants to know if you will pay them on time. Your landlord is no different. As a renter, you agree to pay rent without issues. If you make your rent payments on time, you deserve credit for proving your financial responsibility.

Unfortunately, many landlords and property managers don’t share your rent payments with credit bureaus. As a result, you miss out on a monthly opportunity to build your credit history. You’re not alone. 99% of American renters are missing out. Why does this happen? Most properties lack the technology to work with credit bureaus.

Safely Finance is fixing that.

How does Safely Finance help tenants report rent payments?

Safely Finance provides the technology that allows your property manager to report your on-time rent payments to credit bureaus. Our software makes it super simple. Your landlord or property manager can sign up any time.

When you consistently pay rent on time and in full, you should get credit for it. Rent is the most expensive budget item for most American households. Safely Finance helps landlords and property managers can use to effectively help you boost your credit history.

How can I boost my credit score?

You can boost your credit score by signing up for rent reporting with Safely Finance. It’s as easy as visiting our website to sign up. You don’t have to do anything new. Just keep paying your rent like you always do. Once you sign up, our team will start reporting your rent payments to the credit bureaus that calculate your credit score.

Your credit history grows when Safely Finance reports your rent. Because your credit history impacts your credit score, simply sharing your positive rent history can help you boost your score. The impact can be even larger for renters who are just starting to build credit history or those with a low score.

How can I sign up for Safely Finance rent reporting?

Just visit our website at https://www.safelyfinance.co/rent-reporting. All we need is your email address to get started. Any renter in the United States can sign up. You don’t need to be an existing customer. If you have any questions, just email our team at rentreporting@safelyfinance.co.