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How to organize your closet


An organized closet saves you time and money. People who cannot find important items or lost articles of clothing are tempted to simply buy a new replacement. When you can quickly find and easily access all your important items, you may be less likely to simply give up and purchase a new thing. Consumers typically wear only 20% of the clothes they own. If your closet space feels crowded by items you no longer wear or want, then the temptation to spend more might be even greater.

At Safely Finance, we believe in keeping tidy spaces throughout every season. You should be able to quickly reach stylish and weather-appropriate clothing or find that bicycle tire pump without climbing through mountains of old clothes or athletic equipment.

If this sounds familiar to you, check out our tips and tricks for organizing any closet below.

Organize your closet

Take inventory of what you own

The first step to organizing your closet is simply taking note of what you own. Write out a list or start a note on your favorite phone app. Track what you own, how many copies or versions of it you own, and how often you use it. For example, “5 sweaters worn 3 times per week in the fall and winter.”

Make space and sort your belongings

Next, take all your items out of your closet to create space and to start a sorting process. Item by item, revisit your inventory list and determine if you need to keep the item, if you can donate the item, or if you need to throw the item away. The process takes much less time than you might imagine. It also feels incredibly therapeutic to know you are actively taking control of what you own.

At the end of the sorting, you should have 3 piles. Take your “keep” pile and move it aside. Gather the items in your “throw away” pile and safely recycle or discard them, especially if they include any electronics or chemicals that could present a health hazard or biohazard. Last, find a local upcycling or donation option for your “donate” pile of items so they can find a happy new home.

Organize closet by type

Now it’s time to take your “keep” pile and to begin organizing the items in it by type. You can create groups for clothing like tops, bottoms, underwear and socks, jackets and sweaters, and more. You can group electronics by size or use, for example bundling old cables together, putting old or unused appliances together, etc. You can also group sports equipment or outdoors gear together in groups by size, shape, or usage.

Other create ways to organize your closet and shelves

Organize by color

Organize by size

Organize by frequency of use

Organize in boxes or space-saving containers

Organize by hanger types

Organize clothing in stacks or rolls to save space

Organize your most used items at eye-level or within easy reach

Organize drawers with dividers

Save extra space with hangers on the backs of doors

Organize shelves by specific groups

Bringing it all together

Maintaining an organized closet is an ongoing commitment. Following these tips and tricks for organizing your closet and shelves certainly helps. All it takes is a small commitment upfront to get organized and quick check-ins every month thereafter to keep things organized. Give our recommendations a try and let us know what you think!