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Introducing the Safely Finance API


Offering your customers a smooth, seamless and quick interaction is core to every checkout experience. Unfortunately, handling payments is nothing but simple. There are entire companies built up around moving money. Even they don’t always get it right. The pipes of the banking system are older than most people realize. The ACH (Automated Clearing Houses) payment system was designed in the 1970s to eliminate the need for paper checks! Lending has been around even longer, since about 2000 BCE (over 4,000 years ago). And with age comes complexity. At Safely Finance our goal is to take care of that complexity and make for the best possible experience for every community and every tenant.

When we launched Safely Finance, we had a vision to build something for renters everywhere. Our first version was a simple application that only took a few minutes to fill out. Rental communities everywhere used it to offer “Move Now, Pay Later” options. We started receiving requests to embed our existing application into the software that tenants already use. After researching the opportunity, we recognized that YARDI, RentCafe, appfolio, and many other property management solutions are not simple to integrate. Some are lacking APIs, while others offer limited opportunities for integration. As a result, we opted to take a different approach to put Safely Finance in the hands of everyone. We set out to make it as simple as possible to integrate Safely Finance on an existing website. With this, we could give every community, both small and large, the opportunity to offer Safely Finance payment options.

Pay with Safely Finance button.
Pay with Safely Finance "See Payment Options" button

Using our existing API, already being used to process thousands of applications internally, we exposed a set of endpoints for initiating and processing applications. Today our team is pleased to announce the newest addition to our product lineup, the Safely Finance API.

We’ve already seen some unique opportunities with this new API offering.

Move-in Cost Financing (“Move Now, Pay Later”)

Eliminate the up-front cost burden for your applicants at move-in. Security deposits, pet deposits, first and last month’s rent can add undue stress on tenants at a time when we want a stress-free move to their new home. With Safely Finance you can offer move-in financing to help them spread those costs over time. And your community receives the entire amount at move-in from Safely Finance.

Lease Break Payment Plans

It can happen to any of us; a new job opportunity or an unexpected move. Sometimes a lease break is necessary. Give your outbound tenants the flexibility to pay over time for the remainder of their lease. Don’t worry about negotiating payment plans with them. Safely Finance will handle all of that. And Safely Finance will send you the amount due at the lease break.

Move-In Amenity Financing

Most new tenants fill their homes with furniture, electronics, and other amenities. When you add Safely Finance to your experience, all applicants have the option to finance additional items beyond their move-in. Help tenants make their new home a little more comfortable with pay-over-time options to help set up their new home.

These and so many more things are possible on the Safely Finance API.

What will you build?

Learn more at  https://docs.safelyfinance.co or request access to the API at https://www.safelyfinance.co/developers/get-started.