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Living green in any apartment or home


At Safely Finance, we know that small changes can make a big impact. Take, for example, small adjustments to your everyday life for the benefit of your community and the environment. We’re talking about choosing to live green. Simple adjustments to your daily habits can help you learn to live more sustainably; you’ll barely notice the changes and the entire planet will benefit from your eco-friendly updates.

Eco-friendly renting

For basics, consider how you use energy in and around your home. Is your first instinct to reach for the air conditioning when it’s a little warm? Or do you think about opening a window or patio door to increase air flow and fresh air before turning down the thermostat? Likewise, when it’s cold, you can first try layering on a sweater before cranking up your heat. With a little preparation in advance, you can remember to report any loose windows or doors to your property manager to help you save on air conditioning and heating bills before the need arises. You know, those months when the summer heat feels unbearable and in winter when the freezing wind dries and cracks your skin.

Starting in your kitchen is of the easiest ways to make small adjustments for eco-friendlier living. Every home chef knows how much time and energy we use cooking. Try one-pot recipes to reduce the number of pots and pans you need to clean to conserve water. You’ll also reduce the amount of heat used by your stove when you do not need to run multiple burners at once. From time to time, you can hand dry smaller batches of dirty dishes rather than using the drying function on your dishwasher. You can also buy energy efficient appliances to help boost your energy savings regardless of how you move about the kitchen.

Your laundry and bathroom are two more particularly energy-intensive places around the house. We bet you can guess why: water usage. Try making these small changes and you’ll start conserving water and electrical power and helping the planet by using fewer harsh chemicals. Adjust your washer cycle to match the appropriate laundry load, use cold water, and choose biodegradable and non-toxic detergents. Your local waterways will thank you! In the bathroom, check for leaks and drips, keep a clean sink, and avoid running more water than needed when brushing teeth, running through your skincare routine, or shaving.

Appliance and electronics eco-friendliness does not stop in the kitchen. You have plenty of opportunities to make small adjustments to be greener throughout your entire home, especially when it comes to entertainment options. Use power strips and outlet timers to conserve electricity. Unplug appliances and chargers when not in use. Power down your computer, laptop, gaming consoles, and TVs when you do not plan to use them. Last, be sure to properly recycle e-waste, such as cell phones, batteries, and lightbulbs with your city’s electronics recycling programs.

Good for you, good for the planet

All these green habits help the planet and your local environment but also your health and wellness. Knowing your impact matters brings you peace of mind. Choosing eco-friendly homewares and house products prevents exposure to unwanted and unhealthy chemicals and waste. Opting to live green can start with baby steps, but the personal benefits are never small. Be proud of the impact you can make!

Safely Finance can help

Our team at Safely Finance is dedicated to helping you live better. We’re with you from day one, even before you move. Safely Finance will work hard to make your move stress-free and more affordable. The ultimate amenity is cash in your pocket. Save your money for a night out, time with family, or whatever you love most. Reach out to our team today to learn more. We’re here for you.