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Moving help and moving assistance


Looking for moving help? You have options! Friends and family can help with simple relocation. For anything more than a few boxes, you might want to consider professional moving assistance.

What is professional moving help?

Professional moving helpers are packing and unpacking experts. They help with the loading and unloading process whereas van lines simply manage moving logistics. As labor-only companies, moving helpers are specially trained for heavy lifting, packing furniture, and unloading safely.

Why hire professional moving help?

Professional moving assistance takes the stress out of packing, relocating, and unpacking. A DIY move saves money but creates a planning and logistics headache. On the contrary, professional help makes for a safer, simpler, and more efficient process from start to finish. Plus, pros bring their own supplies, so you do not need to worry about finding moving dollies, bungee cords, padded blankets, or any other specialty equipment.

How can I find moving help or moving assistance?

Finding moving help is easier than you may think. Here are 3 ways to find moving help and moving assistance near you.

Moving help marketplaces

Nationwide moving brands like U-Haul offer online marketplaces to help you find expert moving assistance. For example, Moving Help is a website that helps you find movers ready to help with your packing, loading, and unloading. On the website, you can search for help, schedule your moving date, and plan your relocation all in one place. The platform even connects you with options for storage, specialty items like pianos, and even home cleaning services.

Other online marketplaces to consider include Hire a Helper, Great Guys Moving, and Simple Moving Labor.

Truck rental and van line add-ons

Many rental truck companies offer moving help as an add-on. Companies like U-Haul and Budget give you the option to bundle truck rental and moving assistance all at once. Be sure to check with your rental company to see what options they provide. Often, you can bundle moving help at the same time as when you make your reservation.

Local labor

In many cities and towns, local moving companies offer licensed and insured moving assistance crews for hire. For example, Tampa-based College Hunks offers a junk removal service, moving help, donation pickups, packing help, and more. Customers frequently make use of these services at the same time as planning a move. Whether you need assistance packing, sealing, and loading, or whether you just need simple hourly labor to help move an awkwardly sized bit of furniture, local moving crews can help.

How can I pay for my move?

Regardless of how you choose to move, one option to help make it more affordable is Safely Finance. Safely Finance allows you to chase your dream job or move to your dream home. You can pay for your move over time and pay us back monthly. Safely Finance moving plans have no fees and a fixed rate so your moving costs are consistent and predictable. We know moving expenses add up. We’ve got you covered.