Frequently Asked Questions

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About Safely Finance

Safely Finance helps renters move without expensive upfront costs. We pay for your move today, including deposits and lease costs. You pay us back over time, usually in 6 or 12 months, starting as low as 0% APR.

Safely Finance works with multifamily and single-family real estate companies. Our solution enables higher NOI and decreases bad debt. We provide the tools your community needs to get started with pay-over-time options for move-in costs, lease penalties, amenities, and more.

Is Safely Finance a loan?

Safely Finance offers loans to help you move now and pay over time. Renting is expensive. We're here for you. Landlords often charge high upfront costs, like deposits, fees, and first/last month rent. With Safely Finance, you pay over time instead of upfront in a lump sum. Our loans have fixed rates and no hidden fees.

Will checking if I qualify impact my credit score?

Checking if you qualify for Safely Finance does not impact your credit score. You can see all of your options before deciding to continue with your loan application. Checking first allows our team to find your best offers for rates and monthly payments and keeps you in control.

Can I move into my new residence before paying off my loan?

Absolutely! Safely Finance is not your landlord or property manager. Safely Finance covers your moving costs, but your landlord or property manager oversees your rental agreement and move-in date. With Safely Finance, you can move into your new residence, home, or rental without worrying about the moving costs.

How much can I borrow?

Safely Finance offers loans up to $30,000. Safely Finance loans are designed specifically for the financial needs of renters: fixed payments, no fees, and low rates.

How quickly will my loan be funded?

Safely Finance works with you to find the fastest way to fund your loan. Approved borrowers can expect to receive loan funds within a few business days or less. Funding time may vary based on the accuracy and timeliness of the application information you share with us.

What are the benefits of Safely Finance over a traditional loan?

At Safely Finance, we tailor our loans specifically for the needs of renters. Safely Finance loans offer fixed payments, no fees, and low rates starting at 0% APR. Other lenders have generic products and may not understand your needs the same way. We're renters on a mission to build a better renting experience for other renters.